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  1. Tuesday

    Tuesday 23 January

    1. Class Photos
    2. 16:45Code-It - Years 6-8
    3. 16:45Gym Club Yrs 3&4
    4. 16:45Samba/Drumming Club Yrs 3-5
    5. 16:45Senior Choir Years 5-8
    6. 17:45CANCELLED - Gym Club Yrs 5-8 - CANCELLED
  2. Wednesday

    Wednesday 24 January

    1. Class Photos
    2. 16:45Drama Club Yrs 5-8
    3. 16:45German Club Yrs 3-5
    4. 16:45Gym Club Yrs 3&4
    5. 17:45Gym Club Yrs 5-8
    6. 18:00Yr 7 Parents’ Evening

What has been happening around school.

Junior Librarian

  • ​Russia could beat us in war says army chief
    Should we invest more in defence? Yesterday the head of the British army issued an urgent call to build up the military, but sceptics ridiculed the idea that modern Russia is a real threat.
  • Informed public at lowest level for 18 years
    Is democracy at risk? A massive new survey shows only six out of a hundred in the UK follow the news regularly. But some argue this a welcome sign of peace, stability and good government.