A wonderful start to Christmas 

Christmas Fayre

The tree is up


  1. Today

    Friday 9 December

    1. Hobgoblin Theatre Company
    2. 13:30Dance Club - Yrs 6 - 8 Mixed
    3. 14:00Middle School Party
    4. 16:45Golf Club - Yrs 5 - 8
    5. 16:45Hockey Club - Yrs 7 + 8
    6. 17:00Romsey Lantern Parade
  2. Tomorrow

    Saturday 10 December

    1. 09:30Judo Club

What has been happening around school.

Junior Librarian

  • Planet Earth: ‘the best TV series ever made’
    The final episode of David Attenborough’s wildly popular Planet Earth II airs on Sunday night. Is it pure entertainment, or do programmes like this make a difference to how we see the world?
  • You're off! Gentlemen's game to use red cards
    Cricketers have been trusted to uphold the spirit of the game since the 18th century. Now, for the first time, umpires will send them off. Should society mourn the demise of self-policing?

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