KS1 enjoyed Autumn day.

National Poetry Day grips the School.


  1. Today

    Friday 21 October

    1. Half Term - School closed
  2. Tomorrow

    Saturday 22 October

    1. 09:30Judo Club

What has been happening around school.

Junior Librarian

  • Final debate: Trump’s disaster in the desert
    Trump made his last stand last night, in ‘Glitter Gulch’ aka Las Vegas. The verdict? He lost badly and he said he may not even accept the election result. Is this a recipe for civil strife?
  • ‘Now for Britain’s first gay footballer’
    The chairman of the FA has said it would be ‘impossible’ for a gay football player to come out. Homosexuality has been legal for 49 years, so why has football not moved with the times?

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