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  1. Today

    Friday 22 September

    1. Jeans For Genes Day
    2. 15:45The Performing Arts Academy - Years 1 + 2
    3. 16:45The Performing Arts Academy - Years 3 - 8
    4. 16:45Golf Yrs 5 - 8
    5. 16:45Football - Years 7 & 8
  2. Tomorrow

    Saturday 23 September

    What has been happening around school.

      Junior Librarian

      • May’s Brexit bombshell: what to look out for
        Can Theresa May finally end her government’s bloody battles over Europe? Today the prime minister makes a landmark speech in Florence, outlining some important details of her Brexit plan.
      • Tomorrow, 23/09/17, the world will NOT end
        Why do people believe absurd apocalypse theories? Tomorrow, according to a strange interpretation of the Bible, some think the world will end. Are these beliefs religious or psychological?

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