The Drama scholarship consists of a short interview and an audition. The audition script is available below and should be rehearsed, and preferably learnt, prior to the audition.

The interview will cover:

  • Any achievements in drama, both in and out of school
  • Extra-curricular interests in drama, such as clubs or youth theatres
  • Roles in productions, both in and out of school
  • The qualities a candidate will bring to drama at Stroud

The audition will test:

  • An ability to learn lines
  • Interpretation of a script
  • The ability to maintain a role and interact with other actors
  • Emotion and characterisation created by the candidate

Audition Script

Below is the script that will be used in the audition. Candidates may take on either role; the examiner will perform the other role. The roles have been split into red and black - the red roles involve two different parts being played. Ideally, candidates will learn the lines off by heart but a copy of the script will be available for prompting.