Year 8 Dartmoor Residential

Year 8 have recently got back from a fun-packed few days in Dartmoor as part of their Geography study on National Parks.

After a successful journey (and midway services pitstop) we arrived at a pleasantly mild Hay Tor. After lunch and in full view of the tor, the children began to complete their research tasks which included a questionnaire survey and erosion study of local paths. The children surveyed some people who had travelled more than 200 miles to visit Hay Tor! The children were also treated to an informative talk from the local National Park Ranger.

All the pupils showed wonderful collaboration and courage when climbing Hay Tor. The view from the top was breathtaking!

Later that day we arrived at our YHA Hostel on the edge of Bellever Forest. We enjoyed a refreshing walk (and some stone hopping) along the nearby river banks before retiring for a hearty dinner and sleep!

Day 2 saw the children try out their compass reading skills while taking in the drizzly and atmospheric Dartmoor weather! We explored the micro-climate of Haytor Quarry and the old granite tramway during the route. Widecombe in the Moor allowed everyone to explore the local shops and relax on the village green amongst the Dartmoor Ponies.

Day 3 was a busy day from the get-go! On the way home we stopped at Postbridge Clapper Bridge to complete a field sketch of aspects of sustainable tourism found there. After an hour or so driving we stopped at (a thankfully sunny) Charmouth beach where the children ate lunch, paddled and enjoyed an ice cream!

We all had a super time and our thanks as staff go to the children who were an absolute pleasure to take away.

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