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  1. Wednesday

    Wednesday 21 March

    1. 16:45Drama Club Yrs 5-8
    2. 16:45German Club Yrs 3-5
    3. 16:45Gym Club Yrs 3&4
    4. 17:45Gym Club Yrs 5-8
  2. Thursday

    Thursday 22 March

    1. 17:00Gym and Dance Evening

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What has been happening around school.

Junior Librarian

  • ‘Death penalty for drug dealers’, urges Trump
    Would executing drug dealers solve America’s opioid crisis? Donald Trump is seriously suggesting this drastic measure. “We have to get tough”, he says. But his opponents are aghast.
  • Uber self-driving car kills US pedestrian
    Would you use a self-driving car? The first fatality involving a pedestrian and an autonomous car has put Uber in the firing line. Some call the crash a “wake-up call” for the whole industry.