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  1. Sunday

    Sunday 18 November

    1. Monday

      Monday 19 November

      1. 16:45CANCELLED - Gym Years 5 - 8 - CANCELLED
      2. 16:45Staff INSET Twilight Meeting

    What has been happening around school.

    Junior Librarian

    • Place your bets on the next boss of the UK!
      Is it all over for May? As the resignations pour in and calls for a vote of no confidence grow, The Day weighs up the contenders who could replace her. Here are their routes to No 10.
    • Elton John ad ‘nothing to do with Christmas’
      Is it consumerist rubbish or genuinely touching? The John Lewis Christmas advert has finally been released. It charts the career of music legend Elton John with a signature emotional punch.