Welcome to the LOtC Blog, a space where we celebrate all of our exciting learning that takes place in the great OUTDOORS! You will all remember the lessons where your teachers have said the magic words, 'Stand up and tuck your chairs away, we're going outside for today's lesson'. Well the following Blog will serve as a reminder to help you relive those memorable lessons.

The legendary John Muir wrote, “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” 

I relate that to learning and how we can pin real learning to our experiences outside where nature constantly makes us aware of how full of wonder the earth is.

John Muir who was the environmentalist behind the first National Park, Yellowstone in the US. All National Parks followed as a result of his vision to provide open spaces for people to seek real places of rest, play and new experience.

Below is an ongoing Blog of where teachers at Stroud seek to inspire a love of learning in our pupils by taking ordinary lessons OUTSIDE. Making the ordinary, extraordinary.

Beekeeping at Stroud

Outside Classroom Day - October 2018

We celebrated our pupil's and teacher's enthusiasm for Learning Outside the Classroom by having a whole day devoted to lessons outside. Music, science, English and maths lessons all being undertaken in our school grounds. This approach is common place at Stroud with all teachers feeling confident taking their regular lessons outside to add a level of intrigue and engagement.

But we also understand the importance of taking ordinary lessons OUTSIDE to add layers of intrigue and wonder that simply aren't there due to the predictability and familiarity of the classroom.