Girls Games

Welcome to the Girls' Games page. On this page you will find information about what we do in girls games throughout the year. If you have any suggestions about what you would like on this page please let me know. All suggestions welcomed!

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From Mrs vZ.


September to December we will all be focusing on Hockey in your games lessons.

You will learn new skills and develop old ones as well as learn more rules!

You will find out about indoor hockey and outdoor hockey and enjoy matches against other schools.

Take a look on the hockey page to join a club near you.

Team Sheets - find these on the VLE in 'My School', 'Sport' and 'Girls' Team Sheets'.


In PE you will do Gymnastics from September until the October half term.

We will get apparatus out as well as developing your floor skills.

There are clubs all around the area if you want to learn Olympic Gym - including one at you own school. Contact the office if you want to join Mrs White and her team of coaches after school.

You will even learn about partner and group balances from year 5 upwards! I hope you are feeling strong and have a head for heights! You will even learn about partner and group balances from year 5 upwards! I hope you are feeling strong and have a head for heights!


In PE from October half term until Christmas you will be doing Health Related Fitness.

What is this? You will learn all about your body and how to be healthy through exercise and sport.

You will find out about the effect that exercise has on your body and why it is good to exercise for you mind as well as your body.

Did you know that exercise is a great way of helping you deal with your emotions?

You will learn about how you can get fitter and better and different sports.


From January until the Easter holidays you will be doing Netball in games lessons.

You will learn more about the game and work on the many skills involved in the game.

If you'd like to know more about clubs in your area, check out the clubs page in this section.


Team Sheets?

Look into the 'My School' section on the VLE and go to 'Sports' and 'Girls' Team Sheets'.

There are some of the basic rules on the Netball Page. Check it out or ask me for more detailed ones.


January until Easter holidays - PE

You will be preparing for the GYM and DANCE Display.

There will be a theme for the show. This year (2015) is 'Night at the Museum'. I will choose you music for a gymnastics performance that will involve your whole class.

You get to prepare for this during this term and then perform it to all of your parents in March.


Summer Term PE.

You will be doing Athletics in your PE lessons and in some of your games lessons.

You will learn how to do High Jump and Long Jump.

You will sprint and run middle distance and find out how they have different techniques.

You will throw a rounders ball, a cricket ball or perhaps a javelin.

We enter into the Junior and Senior Wessex Championships and if you are selected will attend the event and represent Stroud.


Summer Term Games

During this term, as well as athletics you will be playing rounders and also going in the school pool.

We have a fun school section gala where you can compete in relays to get point for your section.

For the first time this year entered into the IAPS swimming qualifiers.